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Certified Kratom (Brown Borneo) - 1oz (28.35g)
Brown Borneo Kratom Strain – 1 oz


Brown Borneo Kratom Effects:

Brown Borneo is a special kratom strain, which, owing to its chemical composition, cause a combined effect over the body.

It is essential to follow the dosage rules. This recommendation applies both to the beginning and to the experienced users. Moreover, if this strain is new for you, make sure to start with low doses. You need to study the sensitivity of your body to the specific kratom strain first and then try changing the doses. In some cases, even experienced users may experience excessive energy levels or on the opposite excessive relaxation resulting from a new strain.

Kratom Strain & Brown Borneo Effects


Analgesic effect

Brown Borneo produces a strong analgesic effect by affecting the areas of the brain, responsible for nerve endings and pain occurrence. This action may be compared to the effect of medication, however, the difference is that kratom does not have a negative impact on the stomach.

Stimulating effect

Even though this strain of kratom is most suitable for relaxation purposes, Brown Borneo also has a soft stimulating effect on the nervous system. Normally, it does not cause such side effects as anxiety or insomnia, so it can be taken at any time of the day.

Relaxing effect

Brown Borneo exerts a relaxing effect on muscles and sedative effect on the nervous system in general. This strain, as it has been mentioned above, can be considered the best in terms of relaxation.

More about Brown Borneo

Brown Borneo, same as other kratom strains, contains biologically active and psychoactive substances, therefore the effect may vary, depending on the person’s weight and age. The action will vary on a case by case basis, subject to the individual characteristics of your body, its sensitivity to the active components, and other aspects.

The composition of kratom may vary depending on the geographical conditions and the selection process, as well as processing method and storage conditions. The price of kratom may vary as well, depending on the harvested amount, the grind, the age, and other properties.

When you buy and use kratom, it is important to enjoy its taste and study its flavor, combining it with different teas, herbs, honey, or other products.

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