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Payment Methods

Wire Transfer

International wire transfer is a payment method which enables to transfer funds to a bank account in any country. To complete the payment you need to present a filled out bank transfer order form or simply beneficiary bank details and the required amount to the transaction officer at the bank.

Another way to complete an international wire transfer is to use your internet banking system: you need to login into the system, select the payment category, indicate the purpose of the payment and choose a card or an account which should be used to pay. The transaction has to be confirmed by a special code, which would be either sent to you as a text message or generated by your security device.

There are different types of transfers: express transfers which only take one day, and standard transfers, which may take up to three days.

Cashier's Check

Cashier’s check is a check which is issued to a customer’s account, where the bank becomes the primary debtor, i.e. the entity assuming the obligation. The customers requesting a cashier’s check have to pay the amount indicated in the check to the bank first and only then the bank would pass on the check to the third party named by the customer.

To complete the payment with a cashier’s check you need to visit a branch of your bank and request a cashier’s check from a transaction officer. It is important to mention it is for an international recipient. Make sure you state the payment amount and present all the required details to the transaction officer.  The last step is to mail the international cashier’s check to us by post. It is highly recommended to use registered mail with the tracking number.

Please make sure not to confuse cashier’s checks with personal checks written from your own check book. We are unable to cash personal checks.


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. In other words, it is protected by cryptography. It is a fast and reliable payment system, which is based on the latest technologies and is not controlled by any government. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be purchased at special exchanges.

To make a payment with bitcoin you need to complete the following steps:

  • Download and install an official bitcoin client to your computer.
  • Download and install a bitcoin wallet; or use a web-wallet.
  • Purchase bitcoins.
  • Pay with bitcoins for your orders.

Make sure your wallet is secure! It is not recommended to buy and store bitcoins until you receive an email from us confirming the amount of bitcoins needed to pay the order. This way, you are holding bitcoins for a short period of time only, and you are more protected from any potential bitcoin wallet security issues.


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