Role of Kratom in the treatment of addiction

Kratom in the treatment of addiction

Kratom is a psychoactive tropical tree-like plant with botanical name “Mitragyna speciosa” family Rubiaceae.  which is originally indigenous to Thailand and South East Asia. The leaf is the plant part that is usually consumed.

Traditionally, kratom has been used in Asia as opioid substituent with morphine-like action in large doses and a coca-like stimulant actions in low doses to ward off fatigue and enhance tolerance for hard work, analgesic, improve appetite, treat diarrhea, diabetes and to improve blood circulation and sexual desire.

Kratom is supposed to have beneficial role in the treatment of opium withdrawal symptoms and relieve pain due to its opioid like action. The recreational use of the plant and the lack of clinical studies to ensure its health effects, contributes to legal control of kratom in many countries and still unproved drug by FDA.

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