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The first time I tried kratom was with a friend who recommended it to me and brought it home to have it together on a Saturday with no more pretensions than spending a good afternoon that day.


He had told me about its energizing and sedative effects and I was very curious to see how it would work in my body, I also was especially interested in experiencing those days since I was a little bit down, I even felt a little alone and too reflective.


We prepare his favorite kratom, Maeng Da, in infusion. With a small scale we weigh 6 grams, which we thought would be suitable for me in my first time as we had read on the internet. We put it in a cup and add hot water. He advised me to enjoy it quietly and forget for a few moments that he was there with me. We started to drink it and half an hour later I began to feel livelier, more optimistic, while being much focused and clear, without the feeling of heaviness that alcohol or marijuana used to produce.


Soon I began to think about those things that really mattered to me in life, and the things that I had around me seemed to me of much more value than what I perceived daily, I felt that life was very simple, we were something small on this planet full of nature,family and friends with great hearts and I felt very lucky and full of gratitude for being part of that place and that moment.


From that feeling of certainty grew an immense confidence in myself that encouraged me to see everything with optimism. In addition, everything seemed more attractive, I believed that life was very rich in alternatives and it was enjoyable to plan where I wanted to go, I had no thoughts or distractions interfering in my way, I could see several goals in front of me clearly and it was exciting. In the days before this Saturday I had felt somewhat discouraged and pessimistic and felt that it was not in my power to change many things, however by then I felt more in control of my path. We had finished the kratom tea but there was much left in the cup, so we refilled it with hot water and stir it with a spoon to continue enjoying our drink.


Two hours later my friend and I began to share our impressions, we were very comfortable, calm but with a lot of energy. We highlighted the things we liked about life, even some small ones that we usually overlook daily. We talked about what we would like to do or change in our lives. The obstacles seemed opportunities to us. We both agreed that we should materialize those good feelings in something and we encourage ourselves to organize a trip.


From that good experience, we have repeated it many other weekends.


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